Courses, CSC/Media Technology and Interaction Design

Course name Credits Course code Educational level  
Digital Images for Publication 7.5 DM2529 Second cycle
Future of Media 10.0 DM2571 Second cycle
Graphic Arts Production 7.5 DM2531 Second cycle
Haptics 6.0 DH2660 Second cycle
Individual Course in Media Technology 3.0 DM1902 First cycle
Interaction Programming 6.0 DH2641 Second cycle
Introduction to Interactive Media Technology 6.0 DM2700 Second cycle
Communication 6.0 DH1602 First cycle
Media Management 7.5 DM2561 Second cycle
Media Management, practice module 7.5 DM2560 Second cycle
Media Law 7.5 DM2076 Second cycle
Media Management 15.0 DM2558 Second cycle
Human Perception for Information Technology 6.0 DT2350 Second cycle
Program System Construction Using C++ 6.0 DD1387 First cycle
General Linguistics 7.5 DH1702 First cycle