Courses, CSC/Speech, Music and Hearing

Course name Credits Course code Educational level 
Audio Technology 7.5 DT2410 Second cycle
Advanced Induvidual Course in Music Acoustics 9.0 DT2217 Second cycle
Advanced Individual Course in Music Communication 6.0 DT2215 Second cycle
Degree Project in Computer Science, Communication and Industrial Management, First Level 15.0 DD152X First cycle
Master´s Project in Speech and Music Communication, Second Cycle 30.0 DT220X Second cycle
Degree Project in Speech Communication 15.0 2F1005 Second cycle
In-depth Essay in Computer Science 3.0 DD1395 First cycle
Speech and Speaker Recognition 7.5 DT2118 Second cycle
Speech and Speaker Recognition 7.5 DT2119 Second cycle
Java Programming for Python Programmers 1.5 DD1380 First cycle
Java Programming for Python Programmers 1.5 DD2310 Second cycle
Sound 7.5 DT1175 First cycle
Sound as an Information Medium 9.0 DT1174 First cycle
Sonification 7.5 DT3301 Third cycle
Logic for Computer Science 6.0 DD1350 First cycle
Multimodal Interaction and Interfaces 7.5 DT2140 Second cycle
Music Acoustics 7.5 DT2212 Second cycle
Musical Communication and Music Technology 7.5 DT2213 Second cycle
Project in Cognitive Systems 7.5 DT2150 Second cycle
Spectral Transforms 7.5 DT1130 First cycle
Language Engineering 6.0 DD2418 Second cycle
Language Engineering with Introduction to Machine Learning 6.0 DD1418 First cycle
Statistical Methods for Behavioural Science 10.0 DT3302 Third cycle
The Functioning of the Singing Voice 7.5 DT211V Second cycle
Search Engines and Information Retrieval Systems 9.0 DD2476 Second cycle
Speech Communication Theory, Basic Course 15.0 2F5115 Third cycle
Speech Communication Theory (Reduced Course) 7.5 2F5107 Third cycle
Speech and Hearing Functions, Basic Course 15.0 2F5113 Third cycle
Speech Technology 7.5 DT2112 Second cycle