The following courses are part of study year three.

The course application codes and study periods are valid for the academic year 2020/2021. For other academic years, different application codes and study periods may apply.

General courses

This is a preliminary course list, study year 3, for students who started the programme 2017. Changes may occur. For an updated, current course list, please see the course and programme directory.

Year 3
Practices, Precedents, Profession

The focus in Year 3 is on how students encounter the profession, relate to associated professions and understand the context of their work. 

The students are introduced to and begin in-depth studies in the field of urban planning, and learning to understand and use the field’s concepts and theories. In addition, students develop the skills to analyse and design urban planning projects of high quality from master planning to detail.

The students reflect generally and specifically on the city’s global, historical, and cultural role in society. Central to this process are insights into the way various cultures and societal forms give physical shape to their communities through urban development. Students are meant to become aware in particular of the central role the discipline of urban planning plays in promoting sustainable urban and social development.

Through a series of practical assignments, students develop fundamental knowledge about infrastructure, landscape planning, and the planning process and regulations. In lectures and seminars, they learn about urban planning theory and history, and make use of that knowledge in their own work. Students are required to resolve assignments at different scales, from regional to master and site planning, and to integrate their work with individual buildings. They must master digital tools, and receive particular training in the ability to judiciously employ various presentation techniques. Students must demonstrate the ability to work both individually and in a group.

Year 3 ends woth a Degree project, Basic Level (15 credits). In this project, students shall demonstrate well-developed knowledge of and skills in the architectural profession’s core expertise of architectural design and its technical, functional, and aesthetic dimensions, from urban planning to the details of an individual building. They must show that they can apply this knowledge in a concrete and compound architectural project and make a critical argument for and reflect on their work. This project marks the conclusion of the bachelor’s degree program and the urban planning year with a complex assignment that spans from a comprehensive urban perspective to individual building details, thus defining the architect’s primary field of activity.

Mandatory courses

Course code and name Appl.code Scope P1 P2 P3 P4
A31P1A Project Studio 3:1, Urban Design 12.0 hp 4.0 8.0
A31REA Representation 3: Processing and Presentation 3.0 hp 1.0 2.0
A31SFA Urban Morphology and Urban Design Theories 6.0 hp 5.0 1.0
A31T1A Architectural Technology 3:1 Building, City, Process 6.0 hp 3.5 2.5
A31H1A History and Theory of Architecture 3:1 World Architecture 6.0 hp 2.0 1.0 3.0
A31P2D Project 3:2 Urban Spaces and Landscapes 60852 6.0 hp 6.0
A31EXA Degree Project in Architecture, First Cycle 61171 15.0 hp 2.5 12.5
A31H2A History and Theory of Architecture 3:2: Thesis, First Level 61172 3.0 hp 1.0 2.0
A31T2A Architecture Technology 3:2: Building, City, Process 61024 3.0 hp 1.5 1.5