The following courses are part of study year two.

The course application codes and study periods are valid for the academic year 2020/2021. For other academic years, different application codes and study periods may apply.

General courses

This is a preliminary course list, study year 2, for students who started the programme 2017. Changes may occur. For an updated, current course list, please see the course and programme directory.

Year 2

In the second year, articulations are introduced as a deeper exploration of the discipline of architecture. Students develop an articulated working method through projects which deal with the composition of a building, accomodating its functional programme and activities, considering its life cycle and relating its details to architectural design. The design projects increase in complexity, encompassing construction techniques, sustainability and the building's interface with its users and surroundings.

Students explore the complexity that constitutes a work of architecture through processes specific to the discipline. First semester studio assignments focus on an accretive conceptual investigation of fundamental principles of the making of buildings, with themes such as structure, place, and activity. The assignments, which build on the concepts and techniques introduced in the first year, provide a means for the student to develop and maintain a systematic working method for the completion of projects within given parameters. These parameters also include aspects of social, historical, environmental, political and gender issues. The second semester studio projects advance in complexity while addressing concepts and principles of tectonics, ornament and transformation through the renovation/re­‐construction of an existing structure, problematising lifecycle perspectives. Likewise, material, space and detail are explored in the final project. All projects include work with physical models and advanced digital modelling and fabrication. In addition to design studio, courses in Architecture and Profession, Representation, Artistic Methods, History and Theory of Architecture and Architectural Technology

Mandatory courses

Course code and name Appl.code Scope P1 P2 P3 P4
A21P1C Architecture Project 2:1 Structure, Place, Activity 16.0 hp 10.5 5.5
A21REA Representation 2: Fabrication and Descriptive Geometry 3.0 hp 1.5 1.5
A21KOB Artistic Methods and Techniques 2 3.0 hp 1.5 1.5
A21TEB Architectural Technology 2 9.0 hp 2.0 1.0 3.5 2.5
A21AYA The Discipline and Practices of Architecture 3.0 hp 1.0 2.0
A21HIC History and Theory of Architecture 2: Architecture Modernity 9.0 hp 5.5 1.5 2.0
A21P2B Architecture Project 2:2 - Tectonics, Ornament, Transformation 60824 5.0 hp 5.0
A21P3C Architecture Project 2:3 Material, Space, Detail 60816 12.0 hp 1.5 10.5