Programme objectives

Degree Programme in Biotechnology (CBIOT), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2012

Last edit: 25/05/2016
Approved: 25/05/2016

Knowledge and understanding

To receive a Degree of Master of Science in Engineering, the students should:

  • demonstrate knowledge and skills in basic scientific and technical subjects that are of
    importance for Biotechnology and Chemistry
  • be able to use information and communicate with experts in the related areas of Biotechnology such as physics, chemistry, biology and medicine
  • demonstrate knowledge of biological and chemical processes at the molecular, cellular and organism level and to assess the applicability of  the models used in different contexts
  • show significantly advanced knowledge and understanding of current research and
    development in any part of biotechnology
  • demonstrate some knowledge of Swedish and international Biotechnology industry

Skills and abilities

To receive a Degree of Master of Science in Engineering, the students should:

  • demonstrate the ability to develop biotechnical products and processes by applying a systematic thinking in terms of raw materials, energy, security, environment, economy, human conditions and needs, and goals of society for sustainable development
  • demonstrate the ability of a scientific approach and analytical thinking and the ability to plan, implement and evaluate experiments
  • show a good understanding of methods and techniques that allow modern Biotechnology
  • demonstrate the ability to analyze, evaluate and execute the impact of  environmental factors on biological system  
  • demonstrate the ability to orally and in writing, present and discuss ideas and outcomes, communicate and collaborate with persons with or without the technical and scientific background
  • demonstrate skills in the economy and leadership
  • demonstrate skills and ability, which represent a foundation for postgraduate studies in Biotechnology 

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

To receive a Degree of Master of Science in Engineering, the students should: 

  • demonstrate a responsible attitude and the ability to take a stand on issues of ethical nature in the application areas of Biotechnology 
  • demonstrate the ability to rapidly acquire knowledge in new areas and in the field
    of Biotechnology to apply those for technological innovation and development
  • demonstrate the ability to critically review the literature and technologies in Biotechnology and related areas