Last edit: 26/11/2010
Approved: 26/11/2010

The Master of Computer Science and Engineering is composed of 300 ECTS credits, which, at normal study rate, corresponds to 5 years of full-time study (10 semesters).

The first three years (180 ECTS credits) are on the first level and can, if the student applies for it, be finished with a Bachelor degree of computer Science and Engineering.  The last two years are mainly in the second level (120 ECTS credits). 

Programme Specialisations*
Autonomous Systems
Calculation Technology
Biomedical Technology
Computer Security
Computer Systems Technology
Distributed Systems
Industrial information and control systems
Informations Systems and Database Technology
Intelligent interactive systems
Internet Technology
Communications Systems
Human-Computer Interaction
Program Systems Technology
Language Technology
Theoretical Computer Science

* The list of specialisations is subject to change.  Updated lists of all specialisations can be found in the study hand book for the respective study year.

Language of Instruction
The language of instruction, during the first three years of the programme is mostly Swedish; although English literature will be used.  The concluding two years some courses are given in Swedish and some in English. For each course the language of instruction is found in the Course and program directory on the KTH student web site.