General courses

Year 1

Year 2

Mandatory courses (57.0 hp)

Code Name Credits Edu. level
DD1351 Logic for Computer Scientists 7.5 hp First cycle
DD1362 Programming Paradigms 6.0 hp First cycle
DD1368 Database Technology 6.0 hp First cycle
DD1369 Software Engineering in Project Form 10.5 hp First cycle
DD1390 Programme Integrating Course in Computer Science Engineering Of which 3 credits belong to study year 2. 6.0 hp First cycle
IS1500 Computer Organization and Components 9.0 hp First cycle
ME1010 Organization and Knowledge-Intensive Work 6.0 hp First cycle
SF1924 Probability Theory and Statistics 6.0 hp First cycle

Conditionally elective courses

Code Name Credits Edu. level
DD1354 Models and Simulation At least one of DD1354 or SF1626 should be taken. 6.0 hp First cycle
SF1626 Calculus in Several Variables At least one of DD1354 or SF1626 should be taken. 7.5 hp First cycle

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Information regarding conditionally elective courses

At least one of the two conditionally elective courses should be taken.

Year 3

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Year 4

Supplementary information

During study years 4-5 the students follow a master programme of their choice. The listed master programmes below will give a Degree of Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science (but it can be changed). For admission to some of the programmes it can be special eligibility requirements for admission, read more in the respective Education Plan.

- Computer Science (TCSCM)
- Interactive Media Technology (TIMTM)
- Software Engineering of Distributed Systems (TSEDM)
- ICT Innovation (TIVNM)
- Machine Learning (TMAIM)
- Information and Network Engineering (TINNM)
- Systems, Controls and Robotics (TSCRM)
- Communications Systems (TCOMM)
- Embedded Systems (TEBSM)
- Industrial Management (TINEM)
- Applied Computational Mathematics (TTMAM)
- Medical Engineering (TMLEM).

Year 5

Supplementary information

During study years 4-5 the students have to follow a master programme.