Extent and content of the programme

Degree Programme in Design and Product Realisation (CDEPR), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2018

Last edit: 11/05/2020
Approved: 11/05/2020

The Degree Programme in Design and Product Realisation comprises 300 higher education credits, which corresponds to 5 years of full-time studies at a normal study pace (10 semesters).

The programme's first three years (180 credits) are primarily first cycle.

During the two final years (120 credits), the student undertakes a Master's programme.

Master's programme courses are conducted primarily in the second cycle.

The academic year 2018/2019 offers the following Master's programmes for a Degree of Master of Science in Design and Product Realisation *

  • Integrated Product Design
  • Production Engineering and Management
  • Engineering Design
  • Industrial Management
  • Sustainable Energy Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Vehicle Engineering
  • Naval Architecture
  • Engineering Mechanics

* The range of offered Master's programmes may be revised. An updated list of elective Master's programmes can be found on the KTH student web for each respective academic year.

Language of instruction
The language of instruction for the first three years of first cycle is mainly Swedish, and the language of instruction in the second cycle for the final two years is mostly English.