General courses

Year 1

Supplementary information

Information is based upon the curriculum for academic year 2016/2017. Changes may occur.

Year 2

Supplementary information

Based on the school year plan for 2016/2017 . Changes can be made for the coming academic year .

The program consists of compulsory courses , conditionally elective courses and elective courses.

When you apply for your bachelor's degree, you should have read 3 conditionally elective courses and one elective course. There is room in the schedule to read two of the courses in the spring in the second year and two in the spring of third year (to be a for full-time student and eligible for student aid, you need to be registered on courses equivalent to 30 credits per semester).

Regarding scheduling conflicts: Only compulsory courses is guaranteed not to collide with other compulsory courses.
Conditionally Elective courses are scheduled collision-free when possible. If you take a course which is not listed as a compulsory course in your academic plan, you must yourself (when selecting courses) make sure that it does not clash with other courses that you plan to read.

SF1628 The course is replaced with a new course in Complex Analysis 7.5 credits (SF1691), starting in spring semester 2019.

Year 3

Mandatory courses (52.5 hp)

Code Name Credits Edu. level
EF112X Degree Project in Electrical Engineering, First Cycle Replaces EF111X 15.0 hp First cycle
EH1110 Global Impact of Electrical Engineering 7.5 hp First cycle
EJ1200 Electric Power Systems 6.0 hp First cycle
EK1191 Measurement Technology 6.0 hp First cycle
EL1000 Automatic Control, General Course 6.0 hp First cycle
EQ1270 Stochastic Signals and Systems 6.0 hp First cycle
IE1207 Analog Electronics 6.0 hp First cycle