Last edit: 11/01/2022
Approved: 11/01/2022

The Master of Science in Engineering programme in Vehicle Engineering consists of 300 credits, which corresponds to five years of full time study.  The programme’s first three years are in the first cycle and can be concluded with a technology Bachelor’s DegreeThe last two years are concluded in the second cycle. 

The programme provides a stable technical foundation as well as knowledge and abilities to further the development of all possible vehicles.  Years 4-5 focus on the specialisation areas.  The programme gives students the ability to optimize the following factors: stability, solidity, security, environmentally friendly and comfort.  This demands a combination of creative thinking and advanced calculation.

The first three years in the programme are mainly in Swedish; although, some English literature and occasional elements are used.  The final two years of courses are mainly taught in English.

Master´s programmes leading to a degree in Master of Science in engineering but with different application procedure
The following programs leading to a degree in Master of Science in engineering but have different application procedure. The programs have limited places, different prerequirements an different application dates. More information om KTH´s web

  • Computer Simulation for Science and Engineering
  • Maritime Engineering
  • Energy Innovation: only track Nuclear Energy (NUEY)
  • Dual Master in Aerospace Engineering (KTH/Bologna)
  • Railway Engineering