Last edit: 05/10/2016
Approved: 05/10/2016

This programme syllabus, decided by the Dean of the CSC-school 2013-09-27 is valid for students starting the programme during the study year 2014/2015. Which courses that belong a study year is decided in the fall the year before. Please see ”Study year 1” etc. or the appendices. Changes may occur in the contents of the programme and in the KTH regulations, please see 

The educational programme has a technical, scientific base with a foundation in mathematics and natural science. Media Technology focuses on services and products aimed primarily at the consumer market. Therefore, the programme also offers relevant knowledge from social and behavioural science and insights into the contents and design of media.  Specialized knowledge is given about technology for static media forms (text, image, print), dynamic media forms (audio, video) and interactive media forms (internet, games, dialogue systems, etc.). Each student must acquire deeper knowledge within one or two  areas of media technology through the choice of specialization for study year 3 and master programme for study years 4–5.

Besides the goals stated in the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance the following goals apply. Link to goals stated in the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance:

Knowledge and understanding

The Media Technology programme will give the student the fundamental knowledge and abilities needed to successfully work with and from an engineering perspective solve technical, organisational, methodological, design-related, and user-related problems within the media field. The programme gives knowledge about  the technical as well as multi-disciplinary foundation that media and their technology for production, distribution, and consumption rely upon.

Skills and abilities

The Media Technology programme will give the student prerequisites to, with a comprehensive perspective, critically, independently and creatively identify, formulate, and handle complex problems, analyse and critically evaluate different technical, organisational, and design-related solutions. The student will also have the ability to plan and and implement qualified assignments within given constraints and considering sustainability. The programme will also give a foundation for further education on the research level and an ability to participate in research and development work and thereby contribute to the knowledge development within the area. The student will develop an understanding of and an ability to work in teams and to cooperate in groups with participants from different backgrounds. The student will also be able to continously develop his/her skills and abiliteies.

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

The Media Technology will gain the ability to integrate knowledge from different disciplines and experiences as well as to model, plan and evaluate products, services, systems, and processes. The student will also  get an understanding of the important role of media in society, opinion building and democratic processes as of the ethical aspects of media and their contents, and the relationship between technology, contents and usage in the media. This includes a consciousness about the possibilities and limitations of technology and the responsibility of technology developers for how the technology is used.