Last edit: 24/09/2018
Approved: 24/09/2018

The course programme was validated by the head of the school of Architecture and the Built Environment on 01/10/2012.

The information applies to students who start their studies in the academic year 2013-2014. There may be changes in programme content for years 1-5. See for information about the latest validated course programme.

The degree programme in Civil Engineering and Urban Management is designed to give students the qualifications and ability to participate in and lead work on the design and construction of buildings, infrastructure and towns. It includes how institutions and regulatory systems should be developed to provide a good living environment and good development conditions for individuals, trade and industry, and society in general.

The programme provides a broad knowledge base within the mathematics/naturalscience subjects and urban construction technology during the first years, followed by in-depth work in a specific urban construction area such as domestic buildings and civil engineering, construction project management, soil and water engineering, urban and traffic planning, geographic IT, construction and real estate economics, and land and real estate law.

In addition to the objectives specified in the Higher Education Ordinance, a graduate engineer from thedegree programme in Civil Engineering and Urban Managementat KTH must achieve the goals set out below:

Knowledge and understanding

  • Have the technical/scientific grounding necessary to work in a specialized technological area within Civil Engineering and Urban Management. This may apply to building construction and civil engineering issues, planning or property development.
  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge to work independently as a graduate engineer within the technological area of Civil Engineering and Urban Management.
  • Have such supplementary knowledge of the subject required to demonstrate an understanding of the technological applications relevant to sustainable urban development as well as how the construction and planning process, the built environment and physical infrastructure can be developed.

Skills and abilities

  • A good ability to communicate, orally and in writing, with different target groups in Swedish and English.
  • Demonstrate the ability to argue and discuss conclusions from oral and written reports in Swedish and English.
  • The ability to follow and apply the development of knowledge in the technological area of Civil Engineering and Urban Management.
  • Good ability to translate knowledge into practice, both independently and in groups.
  • Ability to analyse problems and develop new technologies and new methods in the technological area.
  • Ability to lead different kinds of projects in different types of organization in the technological area of Civil Engineering and Urban Management.

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

  • Awareness of how technology affects society, taking into account people's abilities and needs, and the sustainable development of society.
  • Development of critical and independent thinking.