The following courses are part of study year two.

The course application codes and study periods are valid for the academic year 2013/2014. For other academic years, different application codes and study periods may apply.

General courses

EI1240 part 1 is given i period 4. Part 2 is given i period 1 during the third year.

Mandatory courses

Course code and name Appl.code Scope P1 P2 P3 P4
SF1628 Complex Analysis 6.0 hp 6.0
SF1629 Differential Equations and Transforms II 9.0 hp 4.5 4.5
SI1140 Mathematical Methods in Physics 9.0 hp 4.0 5.0
SG1113 Mechanics, Continuation Course 6.0 hp 6.0
SF1544 Numerical Methods, Basic Course IV 6.0 hp 4.5 1.5
SF1901 Probability Theory and Statistics 6.0 hp 6.0
SE1055 Strength of Materials and Solid Mechanics, Basic Course with Energy Methods 9.0 hp 3.0 6.0
SH1012 Modern Physics 8.0 hp 2.0 6.0
EI1240 Electromagnetic Theory 9.0 hp 4.5