Eligibility and selection

Degree Programme in Engineering Physics (CTFYS), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2019

Last edit: 01/10/2019
Approved: 01/10/2019

General and specific entry requirements:
For eligibility requirements and selection, see the KTH admission policy, www.kth.se

Mathematics and Physics test
Applicants to the civil engeneering programme in Vehicle Engineering can take a mathematics and physics test.
This is a way, except for the grades and higher education test, to compete about the available places. More information about the test:

Apply for later year of the program:
To be able to apply for a later year of the program, the student must have fullfilled compulsory courses corresponding to 45 credits within the program at KTH. 35 credits shall belong to year 1 of the applied program.
The program also has specific entry requirements. One requirement is knowledge corresponding to the course Mechanics, Smaller Course 6.0 credits, http://www.kth.se/student/kurser/kurs/SG1102.

 This course shall be among the 25 credits from year 1. Also the course Mechanics, Addition Course 3.0 credits, http://www.kth.se/student/kurser/kurs/SG1301