Biomedical Electrical Engineering (BIOE)

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Electronics (ELNI)

This specialisation suits people interested in semi-conductors, analogue and digital systems and computer components. After graduation possible jobs include semi-conductor or analogue and digital electronic system construction or perhaps work with the optical and electronic systems connected to these.

Electrical Engineering (ELTE)

This specialisation suits students who are interested in electrical magnetism, electrical systems and similar fields. Jobs are to be found at companies who manufacture advanced electronic machines or techniques for transfer of electrical energy.

Communication Systems (KSY)

This specialisation provides extensive knowledge on the rapidly-growing area of communications, i.e. transferring information from one location to another. As a Master of Science in Communications Systems there are many job opportunities working with technical solutions for the development, construction or operation of future communication systems.

Systems Engineering (SYS)

Studies in this specialisation cover electrical engineering systems with the emphasis on the big picture rather than the component parts – not as easy as it sounds as in-depth knowledge of all the parts is essential in order to be able to reject those that do not affect the whole. There are many possible routes to go after studying this specialisation – working with industrial systems in some form or with research.