Last edit: 24/10/2017
Approved: 24/10/2017

Basic eligibility requirements

A completed Bachelor's degree, equivalent to a Swedish Bachelor's degree (180 university credits), from a university recognized by government or accredited by other recognized organization. A good knowledge of written and spoken English. Applicants must provide proof of their proficiency in English.

Specific eligibility requirements

The applicant must have a basic degree, Bachelor's or similar, from an aeronautical, mechanical engineering, or similar programme with sufficient theoretical depth and good academic results. Course work must include multivariable calculus, linear algebra, numerical analysis, ordinary differential equations, rigid body mechanics, solid mechanics, and fluid mechanics.

Selection process

The selection process is based on the following selection criteria: University, previous studies (for instance GPA), motivation for the studies (for instance letter of motivation, references).

The evaluation scale is 1-75.

Courses on topics such as complex analysis, partial differential equations, thermodynamics, and control theory are considered an additional qualification. The applicant may get a lower evaluation score if a filled-in program-specific summary sheet is missing from the application documents.