Last edit: 14/10/2011
Approved: 14/10/2011

The overall objective of the program is for the students, after completed education, to have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills for independent work as information system developer or consultant, particularly in the area of business information systems, enterprise resource planning systems, and financial information systems. The students should also have developed the ability to critically think and reflect, including on related scientific knowledge and practical experience in the area of the study program.

Knowledge and understanding

After completed education the students are expected:

  • have knowledge and understanding of the main area of the studies
  • to have knowledge of relevant methods, tools and approaches in the area of information systems supporting various functions of an organization e.g. business planning, management and finance.
  • to have knowledge of the scientific foundations of the area of information system engineering, as well as have knowledge of useful research approaches in this area.
  • to have reached a more in-depth knowledge in a certain area according to the course selections done in the final year of the program.

Skills and abilities

After completed education the students are expected:

  • to be able to search, collect, assess and critically analyze relevant information pertinent to a problem definition in an organization, as well as critically assess phenomena and challenges in the area of the study program.
  • to be able to independently identify, formulate, and solve problems as well as to perform tasks within given deadlines.
  • to have an understanding of the advisory role of consultants
  • to be able to work in team accomplishing a task within a given timeframe.
  • to be able to reflect and discuss information, problems, challenges and solutions in a dialog with various kinds of stakeholders

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

After completed educations the students are expected:

  • to be able to make decisions with respect to the scientific, societal and ethical aspects of the main area of studies.
  • to understand the IT consultant’s roles in the society and the responsibility for how information systems are used
  • to be able to identify his/her needs for additional knowledge and to be able to continuously develop his/her competence.

In addition the following general goals of the education program are:

  • to provide an academic background within the relevant study area that allows continuation of studies to the Master of Science level.
  • to develop students’ ability to search and assess knowledge in the area based on scientific grounds.
  • to provide additional oral and written presentation skills.