Last edit: 10/03/2011
Approved: 10/03/2011

Study programme established by the committee of STH 2010-10-20

Valid for students admitted to the education from HT 2011.

After the course the participants shall have the ability to take active part in the work for improvement of the work environment and thus affect the formation of a sustainable work life. The main field of the degree programme is technology and health.

Knowledge and understanding

The participants shall be able to work from a holistic view regarding factors that affect the work life. They shall have knowledge how a work of consultation is managed with the preventive work in the work environment. They shall have an understanding of the demand of competence for their own part of profession and indifference in comparison to the own organization as well as that of the client. They shall have an understanding of the competences of the colleges in the corresponding field and, an understanding of the added value of team work, and, when needed, be able to handle over assignments to other specialists. They shall have knowledge of available regulations in the field of work environment and understand the influence of the effective work of improvement on quality and on benefit for the company.

Skills and abilities

The participants shall on their own be able to do investigations of organisations work environment and accomplish judgements/measurements with the aim of estimating risks and of improving the work environment. After doing so they shall be able to suggest and work out, or order, measures for improvement of the work environment. They shall also know how to communicate orally and by writing with different target groups.

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

The participants shall, on their own, by a holistic view of the work in occupational health, and by good ethic conception, take part in the creation of a sustainable life of work in especially a social and an economical perspective.