Last edit: 08/11/2016
Approved: 08/11/2016

Structure of the education

The course bounded specialization for technicians/engineers will be performed by five mandatory courses of 7,5 ECTS each. Two of those courses are open as elective courses for the above mentioned students.

The pedagogics of the programme is formed on compulsory presence at the instructor guided meetings (about two-three days per week at two-three occasions during the course period for full time students). The presence will be made easier by access to web-based communication at places outside the main place for the studies (STH) at Flemingsberg/Stockholm. Great part of the training is based upon active participation in projects at different work places.

The programme will be completed by an individually graded degree project of 15 ECTS. This degree project shall be an in depth study within one or several themes which have been given at the courses.


The programme is course-based. Lists of courses are included in Appendix 1: Course list

Grading system

Courses in the first and the second cycle are graded on a scale from A to F. A-E are passing grades, A is the highest grade. The grades pass (P) and fail (F) are used for courses under certain circumstances.

Conditions for participation in the programme

Application for the programme will be done at stated occasions at “”.

Degree project

Extent of degree project is 15 ECTS.

The degree project should normally conclude the programme.

The objective is chosen by the participant and it can be performed individually or together with one other student. The project plan shall be approved by the examining teacher. Instructor will be selected by KTH.

The degree project is graded on the same A to F scale as for the courses.


The participant will be given the degree of Master of Science (60 credits) (magisterexamen) The degree will be given after passing the courses, the degree project and signed presence at all compulsory parts as laboratory experiments, projects and seminars.

The degree will be applied for online at the KTH website.