Last edit: 14/03/2011
Approved: 14/03/2011

The aim of the education is to broaden the skills for students who have completed upper-secondary school without the specific entry requirements that apply for technical and scientific educations.

The preparatory year, semester 2 is an access programme that connects to basic engineering programmes on KTH and to which the student is guaranteed a place from the beginning, given passed preparatory year, semester 2.

The preparatory year is adapted to the subsequent education and should, in addition to the broadening of the topic-specific skills, train the student's ability for university and higher education studies.

An additional aim of the preparatory year is to increase the amount of women in the mathematical-scientific and technical education. After the qualifying education, the student should:

Knowledge and understanding

  • show knowledge in the scientific fields of mathematics, physics and chemistry

Skills and abilities

  • show ability to, orally and in writing, account for and discuss simple scientific problems and solutions

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

  • show ability for teamwork and cooperation in groups of different composition