Last edit: 11/10/2012
Approved: 11/10/2012

Structure of the education

Academic year, semesters and study periods are described in KTH's regulatory framework,

Elective or optional courses are not available.


The programme is course-based. Lists of courses are included in Appendix 1: Course list

Grading system

Courses in the first and the second cycle are graded on a scale from A to F. A-E are passing grades, A is the highest grade. The grades pass (P) and fail (F) are used for courses under certain circumstances.

Recognition of previous academic studies

A student who has completed an equivalent course on another university or higher education institution may credit the course in the programme with the grade E.


The education is an access programme and no degree is given from the programme.
If all courses of the preparatory year are passed, a place on one of KTH's civil or university engineering educations is guaranteed.
The transition to a civil or university engineering education takes place through selection and is dependent on study results during the preparatory year. Observe that achieved credit points on Technical Preparatory Year, semester 2 may not be included in an engineering degree.

KTH's local degree ordinance can be found in KTH's regulatory framework.