Last edit: 28/02/2011
Approved: 28/02/2011

The degree programme for a university diploma in Construction management educates the student within, among other things, production stages.  The programme has a theoretical-practical profile, and after graduation, the student should be able to work in production areas, including project management, estimation, and planning.

After the programme, the student should:

  • show fundamental knowledge and skills within construction physics, construction engineering, construction statics and solid mechanics·         fundamental technical knowledge about the construction process
  • have professional, usable knowledge within construction managements, construction production, and project management.
  • have acquired professional skills which are integrated into the programme, for example, the ability to work and lead a group and to communicate, both written and oral
  • have practical experience from companies with workplaces within the construction and building industry
  • specialise and deepen within the building construction area or the building/infrastructure area

Knowledge and understanding

Skills and abilities

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint