Study year 2

Master's Programme, Civil and Architectural Engineering, 120 credits (TCAEM), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2019

The following courses are part of study year two.

The course application codes and study periods are valid for the academic year 2020/2021. For other academic years, different application codes and study periods may apply.


General courses

Note: The course list updates 15th November.

Mandatory Appl.code cr. Study period
 1   2   3   4 
AF2023 Theory and Methodology of Science and Risk and Safety in Building Sciences 7.5

Conditionally elective Appl.code cr. Study period
 1   2   3   4 
AF2507 Sustainable Buildings - Concept, Design, Construction and Operation 50618 7.5
AE2501 Environmental Impact Assessment 7.5
AF2011 Structural Dynamics for Civil Engineers 7.5
AF2025 Architectural Engineering Project 7.5
AF213X Degree Project in Concrete Structures, Second Cycle 30.0
AF2203 Advanced Bridge Design 7.5
AF223X Degree Project in Structural Engineering and Bridges, Second Cycle 30.0
AF233X Degree Project in Building Materials, Second Cycle 30.0
AF2402 Acoustics and Fire 7.5
AF2403 Building Damages 7.5
AF243X Degree Project in Building Technology, Second Cycle 30.0
AF2512 Indoor Climate and Energy Modeling for High Performance Buildings, Project Course 7.5
AF253X Degree Project in Building Services and Energy Systems, Second Cycle 30.0
AF259X Degree Project in Fluid and Climate Technology, Second Cycle 30.0
AF2610 Tunnel Engineering 7.5
AF2611 Geotechnical Engineering, Advanced Course 7.5
AF263X Degree Project in Soil and Rock Mechanics, Second Cycle 30.0
AF283X Degree Project in Hydraulic Engineering, Second Cycle 30.0
AF293X Degree Project in Highway Engineering, Second Cycle 30.0
AG2800 Life Cycle Assessment 7.5
AG2806 Environmental Aspects of the Built Environment 7.5
AH2905 Advanced Pavement Engineering Analysis and Design 7.5