Last edit: 27/09/2011
Approved: 27/09/2011

Students in the Master of Science in Engineering programme in Computer Science are entitled to the Master of Science in Engineering Degree

Students in the Master of Science in Engineering programme at KTH where the Master’s programme in Computer Science entitles the student to a Master of Science in Engineering degree at KTH can start the programme if, at the start of the semester, at least 150 ECTS credits from study years 1-3 including Bachelor Degree project and the courses listed below under specific admission requirements are fulfilled.  They are guaranteed a place in the programme.  The application must be done according to the instructions of the CSC school.

Other Students

General Admission Requirements: See KTHs admission requirements for Master’s Programmes, link below.

Special Admission Requirements: Beyond the general admission requirements for the Master’s programme, knowledge within mathematics, programming technology and computer science corresponding to the following courses is required.

  • SF1600 Calculus I (one variable)
  • SF1604 Linear algebra
  • SF1631 Discreet mathematics
  • DD1340 Introduction to computer science, or DD1320/DD1321 Applied computer science
  • DD1352 Algorithms, data structures and complexity
  • DD1365/DD2385 Software engineering
  • IS1200 Computer hardware engineering, or DD2377 Low level programming and computer architecture

Certain elective courses require further prerequisites.

The Application is done via April 15th at the latest.

Selection is done based on the number of completed ECTS credits in the interval 150-195.  In the case of a tie in merit worth, a lottery is used to choose the applicant.

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