Last edit: 27/09/2011
Approved: 27/09/2011

The aim of the Master’s programme is to provide a broad education in Computer Science with the possiblity of deepening and specializing within the area of computer science, the method science for construction of computer programmes including theoretical foundations as well as the practical ability to develop products and systems which include computers and software.

The programme will provide the students with the requisites and abilities to participate and lead work within evaluation, development and implementation of new technology within the field of computer science.

Knowledge and understanding

The objective of the program is to provide the student with:

  • deepened knowledge within computer science and engineering,
  • knowledge within at least one subject area complementary to technology.

The programme shall also provide the student with the opportunity to specialize with one of the following goals:

  • provide a deepened knowledge within one or more of the areas: computer vision, robotics, artificial intelligence, and neuro-informatics,
  • provide an orientation within computer security, foundations for technical computer security, and a deepened knowledge within one or more areas concerning technical aspects of computer security,
  • provide a deepened knowledge within leadership and management of large IT projects and management of complex IT-environments.  Also, an orientation within modeling and decision making in company-wide IT questions such as information security, modifiability, interoperability, etc.. is offered,
  • provide deepened knowledge and understanding for methodology and scientific perspective within the internet technology area and provide the students with practical skills, above all, for initiation, configuration and maintenance of computer networks,
  • provide deepened knowledge about software construction in a technical development context,
  • provide deepened knowledge about solutions of resource-demanding computational problems and related combinatory/statistical analysis methods,
  • provide an extended understanding for existent and non-existent efficient algorithms for different computational problems,
  • implement and use language knowledge in the development of programmes and systems that can recognize, interpret and generate human language.

Skills and abilities

The objective of the program is to provide the student with:

  • a good analytical problem solving ability,
  • the ability to independently define and solve  construction problems within computer science,
  • the requisites and abilities to participate in and develop practices implemented in industry, maintenance and academic research,
  • the requisites for successful work in international and interdisciplinary project groups which include engineers and non-engineers.  This goal includes abilities in oral and written presentation and argumentation in Swedish and English.

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

The objective of the program is that the student should:

  • be able to evaluate the quality of scientific studies and show a reflective and critical approach to scientific and non-scientific texts,
  • through self-development, retain his/her own professional ability during a professional career
  • follow the discussion about technology in society and contribute to it.

Beyond this, there are similar goals for the Master of Science in Engineering programme which are defined by the higher education ordinance