Track, Cognitive Systems (CSCS)

The specialization in cognitive systems is about developing applications with artificial intelligence, ie, abilities traditionally associated with people. In the specialization you can choose to specialize towards robotics or towards speech and music.

Track, Data Science (CSDA)

Our society produce huge amounts of data. This specialization involves methods for managing and analyzing data from various sources, such as biomolecular sequence data, images and video, text,etc.

Track, Interaction Design (CSID)

Students learn to develop interactive systems with modern development methodology. The specialization also aims to provide deeper knowledge of how to systematically evaluate interactive systems.

Track, Scientific Computing (CSSC)

This specialization focuses on the techniques of mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of physical, chemical and biological systems. This can be the basis for virtual experiments that simulated crash tests, but also to build interactive virtual environments, for example, for computer games.

Track, Software Technology (CSST)

Software Engineering is about methods to create and maintain different types of software.

Track, Theoretical Computer Science (CSTC)

Theoretical Computer Science is about the abstract and mathematical methods to study algorithms. Students learn to use formal methods and focus on verifiable properties of software and software systems.

Track, Visualization and Interactive Graphics (CSVG)

This specialization stretches from basic visualization and graphics to modern research in the field. Visualization is mainly about making large and complex data understandable with the help of graphics, but has applications in computer games and other virtual environments.