Track, Cognitive Systems (CSCS)

The track of Cognitive Systems is about the development of programs with artificial intelligence, ie abilities traditionally associated with people. Within the track you can choose to go deeper into robotics or conversational systems (systems that interact through human language, such as voice assistants, social robots and chat bots).

Track, Data Science (CSDA)

In our society, huge amounts of data are produced. This track Data Science is about methods for managing and analyzing data from various sources, e.g. images, video, text. Within the track one of two sub-tracks can be selected; Machine Learning or Natural Language Processing.

Track, Interaction Design (CSID)

The Interaction Design track deals with the development of interactive systems from a user-centered perspective in theory and practice. The track deals with concepts and models, methods for data collection and analysis, design and development and evaluation.

Track, Scientific Computing (CSSC)

The track Scientific Computing focuses on the techniques of mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of physical, chemical and biological systems. This can be the basis for virtual experiments that simulated crash tests, but also to build interactive virtual environments, i.e. for computer games. Within the track there are two sub-tracks, one of them must be selected, either High Performance Calculations or Scientific Calculations.

Track, Security and Privacy (CSSP)

This track, Security and Privacy, is about the theory and practice of security, ranging from concepts to implementation, at different layers (hardware, network, system, application) and foundations (cryptography, formal methods, systems).

Track, Software Technology (CSST)

The track Software Technology is about methods for designing, developing and maintaining software. After a common course in Program Development Technology's basics, one of two sub-tracks is chosen: either Program Language specializing in Program Language basics, Compilers and Program Semantics or Software Engineering specializing in Large-scale Software Development, Automated Testing and Design of Reliable and Secure Software (distributed and/or autonomous).

Track, Theoretical Computer Science (CSTC)

The track Theoretical Computer Science is about the abstract and mathematical methods to study algorithms. Students learn to use formal methods and focus on verifiable properties of software and software systems. Within the track there are two sub-tracks, of which one must be selected, either Algorithms, Complexity and Cryptography or Formal Methods and Semantics.

Track, Visualization and Interactive Graphics (CSVG)

The Visualization and Graphics track stretches from basic visualization and graphics to modern research in the field. Visualization is mainly about making large and complex data understandable with the help of graphics, but has applications in computer games and other virtual environments.