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Masterprogram, elkraftteknik (TELPM), Utbildningsplan för kull HT2009

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Kunskap och förståelse

For the Master’s Degree, the student should:§    have a thorough understanding of and high competence in electrical engineering principles, electrical energy systems, electrical machines and power electronics, electro-technical design and power system control and operation§    have knowledge and understanding of current theories and developments in electrical power engineering§    have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the concepts in the philosophy and methodology of science to analyse, criticise and report on scientific information from published sources.

Färdigheter och förmågor

For the Master’s Degree, the student should be able to:§    independently apply mathematics and natural science to the electric power engineering§    to employ a range of techniques and modern electric power engineering tools to identify, analyse and solve the electric power engineering problems in professional and research environments§    effectively communicate and function in a team.

Värderingsförmåga och förhållningssätt

For the Master’s Degree, the student should:§    show insight into the role of electric power engineering in society, economy and environment§    show awareness of ethical aspects in research and development work§    show independent learning ability for continuing professional development. Information on the degree requirements can be found in the local degree policy of KTH at: http://www.kth.se/info/kth-handboken/II/19/1bilagaengelska.html