Last edit: 18/03/2015
Approved: 18/03/2015

Valid for students admitted to the education from autumn semester 2013

Current list of courses in appendix 1

Current descriptions of tracks in appendix 2

Apart from the stated goals for a Bachelor of Science, the students should be able to reach the following targets:

Knowledge and understanding

To reach a level of specialized knowledge enabling the completion of advanced tasks within the field of economy, law and information technology with a specialization towards the stated fields of work in property development and real estate agency


Skills and abilities

•    To be able to develop an advanced capability of communicating verbally and orally in the stated fields of property development and real estate agency

•    To develop a capacity to follow and apply the latest findings within the real estate field, both concerning practices and relevant research.

•    To be able to develop a capacity to act independently, and in groups, in translating formal knowledge into practices in the field.

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

The bachelors program aims to provide the students with:

•    a profound knowledge regarding the role of the property development industry in the overall context of building society and how the real estate industry contributes to a sustainable society.

•    preconditions for making complex decision-making sequences with regard to relevant research and societal implications, for different types of projects within the fields of property development and real estate agency

•    a capablility to use their acquired knowledge in the field in order to be able to develop their own career competences and how these can be enhanced.

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