Study year 1

Master's Programme, Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering Physics, 120 credits (TFEPM), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2010

The following courses are part of study year one.

The course application codes and study periods are valid for the academic year 2010/2011. For other academic years, different application codes and study periods may apply.


At least two of the proposed courses should be selected Optional in both first and second year:

EF2240 Space physics

EI2410 Field Theory for Guided Waves

EI2420 Electromagnetic Wave

Mandatory Appl.code Scope Study period
 1   2   3   4 
EF2200 Plasma Physics 6.0 hp 6.0
AK1213 Swedish Society, Culture and Industry in Historical Perspective 7.5 hp 3.5 4.0
ED2230 Chaos and Self-organization 6.0 hp 6.0
ED2235 Atomic Physics for Fusion 6.0 hp 6.0
SI2530 Computational Physics 7.5 hp 7.5
ED2210 Electromagnetic Processes in Dispersive Media 6.0 hp 6.0
SH2310 Radiation Detectors and Medical Imaging Systems 7.5 hp 3.5 4.0
ED2245 Project in Fusion Physics 4.5 hp 4.5

Conditionally elective Appl.code Scope Study period
 1   2   3   4 
EF2240 Space Physics 6.0 hp 6.0
EI2420 Electromagnetic Wave Propagation 7.5 hp 7.5
EI2410 Field Theory for Guided Waves 7.5 hp
Recommended Appl.code Scope Study period
 1   2   3   4 
DS1301 Technical English, Intermediate Level 9.0 hp 4.5 4.5