Last edit: 09/03/2010
Approved: 18/03/2010

Basic eligibility to be accepted to the master’s program requires a completed Bachelor's degree in engineering physics, applied physics, physics or equivalent degrees, or equivalent academic qualifications with at least 60 ECTS credits of course work in physics from an internationally recognised university. Sufficient bachelor level knowledge in classical and modern physics is mandatory. Students should have in addition, good knowledge in English, oral and written, is required. Applicants must provide proof of their proficiency in English. Specific admission requirements are:

  • at least 30 ECTS credits of course work in mathematics including calculus, vector algebra, differential equations, numerical methods
  • computer programming skills

Students with a Master degree in one of this field or an equivalent can request for a reduced programme (minimum 60 ECTS).
The FUSION-EP Managing Board decides on exemption of credits on the basis of proofs of exams passed. Exemption can be given up to 60 ECTS credits. This way you can get a second Masters degree in one year.
If you want to apply for exemption, make sure to include a full list of courses taken and credits received in your application. Admission and selection decisions are based on a combination of factors, including academic degrees and records, the statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, test scores, language skills and relevant work experience, if any. We also consider the appropriateness of your goals to the FUSION-EP programme. In addition, consideration may be given to how your background and life experience would contribute significantly to an educationally beneficial mix of students. Reference to: