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Masterprogram, geodesi och geoinformatik (TGEGM), Utbildningsplan för kull HT2009

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Godkänd: 2010-03-11

Kunskap och förståelse

After completing the programme, students should have deep knowledge in geographic information technology.

Färdigheter och förmågor

After completing the programme, students should acquire practical skills to

  • define and use geodetic coordinate systems
  • carry out surveying tasks by terrestrial and satellite-based methods
  • structure and visualize geospatial data using information technology
  • build Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

 The programme also aims to help students develop capability to conduct independent, scientific research through critical analysis and synthesis. Students will receive training in scientific communication and presentation, both oral and in written form. Students will also learn how to work in project form and work in groups.

Värderingsförmåga och förhållningssätt