General courses

Year 1

Mandatory courses (39.0 hp)

Code Name Credits Edu. level
CM2000 Health and Sports Instrumentation 8.0 hp Second cycle
CM2005 Sports and Exercise Physiology 15.0 hp Second cycle
HL2041 Sports Technology 9.0 hp Second cycle
SG2804 Biomechanics of Human Movement 7.0 hp Second cycle

Conditionally elective courses

Code Name Credits Edu. level
CM2001 Mobile Sports Applications and Data Mining 6.0 hp Second cycle
MF2043 Robust Mechatronics 6.0 hp Second cycle
MF2103 Embedded Systems for Mechatronics 9.0 hp Second cycle

Supplementary information

CM2005 Sports and exercise physiology is tought at GiH.

Please note that CM2007 Applied Machine Learning and Data Mining for Performance Analysis is a conditionally elective course given in P3 year 1.

Of the conditionally elective courses, at least 3 of the following courses must be taken:
MF2043 Robust Mechatronics
CM2001 Mobile sports applications and data mining
CM2007 Applied machine learning and data mining for performance analysis 
CM2008 Entrepreneurship in technology and health
CH2007 Product design in ergonomics and sports

Year 2

Conditionally elective courses

Code Name Credits Edu. level
CH2010 Cognitive Interaction Design 7.5 hp Second cycle
CM2008 Entrepreneurship in Technology and Health 7.5 hp Second cycle