Last edit: 02/12/2015
Approved: 17/02/2016

The purpose of the Degree program in engineering at KTH is to train students for electronic and computer engineering of high international standard to meet society’s need for competence for the use and development of technology. Training must be balanced so that the engineer students  are well prepared to begin practice in their profession, but also have a good basis for continuing self-development and learning.

For engineering programs in particular, it is necessary to provide knowledge and skills in applied mathematics, basic and applied technical subjects, computer systems and its use and the knowledge and understanding of technology and the general conditions for engineering work.

Knowledge and understanding

For Bachelor of Science in Engineering, the student shall

- demonstrate knowledge of the scientific basis for computer technology and its proven experience and knowledge of current research and development work and

- demonstrate broad knowledge in the chosen technology and relevant skills in mathematics and science

Skills and abilities

For Bachelor of Science in engineering, the student shall

- demonstrate the ability to in a holistic way independently and creatively identify, formulate and manage issues and analyze and evaluate various technologies related to information technology,

- demonstrate an ability to plan and use appropriate methods to carry out tasks within a given framework,

- demonstrate an ability to critically and systematically use knowledge and to model, simulate, predict and evaluate events based on relevant information,

- demonstrate an ability to design and manage products, processes and systems with regard to human conditions and needs and society's objectives for economically, socially and ecologically sustainable development,

- demonstrate ability for teamwork and collaboration in groups with different composition and

- demonstrate ability to verbally and in writing, explain and discuss information, problems and solutions in dialogue with different groups.

For a degree from the study programme Electronics and Computer Engineering the student shall

- be able to use methods to design, implement, document and maintain systems integrating both hard- and software and

- have knowledge in adjacent subject fields, like communication and control theory to be able to design embedded systems in this field of application.

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

For Bachelor of Science in Engineering, the student shall

- demonstrate an ability to make judgments in the light of relevant scientific, social and ethical aspects,

- demonstrate an understanding of technology capabilities and limitations, its role in society and people's responsibility for its use, including social and economic aspects, environmental and safety aspects, and

- demonstrate an ability to identify their needs for additional knowledge and to continuously develop their skills.