General courses

Year 1

Optional courses

Code Name Credits Edu. level
HF0009 Introduction to Mathematics 1.5 fup Pre-university level
HF0010 Introduction to Computer Studies 1.5 fup Pre-university level

Year 2

Year 3

Mandatory courses (15.0 hp)

Code Name Credits Edu. level
HE111X Degree Project in Electrical Engineering, First Cycle 15.0 hp First cycle

Supplementary information

There are two selectable tracks:

For the track "Embedded systems and Computer Networks" the courses HI1035 Mobile Communications and Wireless Networks and IS1300 Embedded Systems are mandatory.

For the track "Electric Power Systems" the courses HE1036 Electric Power Engineering II and EI2435 Power Grid Technology and Components are mandatory.

The information is based on the curriculum for academic year 2015/16 and changes may occur.