Track, Nuclear Energy (NUEY)

This specialization deals nuclear energy engineering. The track is run in close collaboration with industrial partners and provides the latest trends in innovation in nuclear energy.

Track, Renewable Energy (RENE)

This specialization focuses on renewable energy technologies that the KIC partners have expertise in, such as wind power, solar energy (thermal and solar cells), as well as efficiency methods and innovation potential in energy conversion, thermal power systems and polygeneration processes.

Track, Smart Electrical Networks and System (SENS)

This education takes a starting point in the traditional education around electric power engineering, but turns its focus towards the electric power grid of the future -that is 'smart grids' - and how new concepts and ideas can lead to innovations within the framework of smart electrical networks and systems (smart grids).

Track, Smart Cities (SMCS)

 This specialization deals with the concepts of “Smart Cities” based on scientific literature and reports from case studies.