Last edit: 25/02/2011
Approved: 25/02/2011

The Bachelor of Science programme in Chemical Engineering educates students for work on a wide range of chemical and chemical engineering activities.   The study programme has a theoretical and applied profile and the graduates will be able to use and develop new technologies in the chemical and chemical engineering field.

The study programme also aims to provide the students with knowledge about how the technology affects society with respect to the human situation and needs, and goals of society for economic, social and ecologically sustainable development. 

In order to comply with the acceleration of technical progress and the changes this brings, the students should have the ability to understand the new technical areas. The student should also be given a good background for continued personal development and life-long learning both within their own focus area and within new subject areas.

Knowledge and understanding

  • demonstrate knowledge of the scientific basis for the physical and chemical processes, different types of energy and their transformation and the importance of the chemical, thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of chemical reaction and process routes
  • be able to apply relevant knowledge in mathematics, natural science and technology within chemistry and the chemical engineering area
  • have knowledge about Swedish and international chemical industry and the current research and development efforts

Skills and abilities

  • show autonomous capacity to formulate, analyze and manage technical problems in chemistry and chemical engineering areas
  • demonstrate the ability to assess the reasonability in solutions, and compare and evaluate alternative solutions
  • demonstrate good laboratory skills and knowledge about safe chemical handling
  • have the ability to plan, implement and evaluate experiments both on laboratory-scale and on a larger scale
  • show ability to collaborate with other people and to work efficiently in projects
  • have the skills to communicate orally and in writing with different target-groups in Swedish and assimilate the English literature
  • demonstrate the ability to use computer tools for calculations and information retrieval·         on the basis of chemical and chemical engineering expertise, be able to assess a business or the product's environmental impact and to select and develop measures to eliminate or limit the harmful effects

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

  • be able to search and critically review information
  • be able to take a stand on issues of scientific, social and ethical nature in their professional field
  • demonstrate the ability to identify the need for additional knowledge in order to develop their Skills