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Basic eligibility

Basic eligibility to be accepted to the master’s programme requires that the applicant has a degree on the first level consisting of at least 180 higher education credits or a corresponding foreign degree. In addition, good knowledge in English, oral and written, is required.

Specific eligibility

Specific eligibility:

  • In the previous education, the following course contents must have been successfully passed. Mandatory: Probability Theory, Complex Analysis and Integral Transformations, Linear Circuits and Networks, Electronic Circuits, Fields and Waves, Basic Laboratory in Electronic Circuits and Digital Circuits. With strong recommendation: Mathematics I and II, Physics I and II, Information Technology, Laboratory in Information Technology.

  • A good knowledge of English, equivalent to Eng B.

The number of places within the study programme is limited. All eligible applications are evaluated by representatives from all participating institutions, based on the study results, adequacy of education, language skills, quality of institution, motivation letter and recommendation letters. The applicant’s academic results are given higher weight than the other parameters.