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The Erasmus Mundus programme MERIT is on the second level and comprises 120 higher education credits. The language of instruction throughout the programme is English. Student mobility is a requirement and each student should spend one year at one of the partner institutions and the other year at another.

The program offers several specialisations, where each specialisation is within one of the following Areas of Knowledge (AoK)

  1. Microwave, Antennas, Remote Sensing and Photonics

  2. Wireless and Optical Communication Systems and Networks

  3. Multimedia Signal Processing

Within these three Areas of Knowledge, KTH offers specialisations in

  • Photonics (within AoK 1.)

  • Information Transmission and Wireless Communication Systems (within AoK 2.)

  • Wireless Network Management (within AoK 2.)

  • Speech and Language Technologies (within AoK 3.)

A description of the full program and all the specialisations, is available at