Industrial Business Administration and Manufacturing (IEPS)

Typical courses of specialisation starts in grade two withindustrial marketing, Engineering Design, and an advanced course inproduction engineering. Focus builds on, among other grounds from the machine scheme common course for business management with applied statistics where lean philosophy is a central perspective. During the third year the student is given the opportunity to add their own profile on the training programme by either immerse themselves or broaden itself. As an example of what this means at course level specialization includes courses incalculations and decision models, production technology, quality and service improvement tools, management, accounting, and entrepreneurship, logistics and law for engineers.The third year ends with a thesis of 15 credits.

Innovation and Industrial Design (IODS)

The focus builds on the bases of the machine joint courses in eg. mechanics, solid mechanics, CAD and machine components. Centrally topics are the use of computer-based product development tools, as well as work in project form. Some of these are carried out in cooperation with industry. During the second year there are given courses in industrial design, engineering, CAD and product development methodology. During the third year some opportunity to own profile is given. Students can immerse themselves in the design, and industrial design or construction and calculations. A key issue is integrated product development. Also widening with courses in eg. industrial engineering and logistics management is possible. The third year ends with a thesis of 15 credits.