Last edit: 15/09/2020
Approved: 15/09/2020

In addition to the aims that are specified in the higher education ordinance, an engineer who has been graduated from Mechanical Engineering, KTH, should

Knowledge and understanding

  • be able to apply basic technical knowledge within fields such as materials engineering, solid mechanics, manufacturing process, electrical and control engineering, as well as computer-based engineering tools such as CAD
  • demonstrate basic knowledge in mathematics and natural science and the ability to critically and systematically use knowledge to model, simulate and evaluate processes on the basis of relevant information

Skills and abilities

  • demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to work independently as an engineer within the disciplinary domain
  • demonstrate the ability to independently and creatively identify, formulate and solve problems within mechanical engineering areas with regard to existing possibilities and constraints
  • demonstrate the ability to manipulate and shape sustainable products, processes and systems based on technical, ethical, economic and societal aspects
  • demonstrate skills and understanding of the importance of teamwork and collaboration in multidisciplinary and multicultural project teams
  • be able to participate in the utilisation and implementation of new technology, where it entails designing products, processes and work environment

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

  • demonstrate knowledge of how the design of products and systems can best be adapted to human wants and needs with respect to environmental aspects
  • have an awareness of how technology affects society with regard to human conditions and needs
  • be conscious of society's goals regarding resource management, economy and environment
  • have acquired the ability to immerse themselves in new technology areas and have a good basis for continuing personal development and lifelong learning, both within their own and other new subject areas, in order to be able to follow the increasingly rapid technological developments and the changes they entails

KTH's local degree ordinance can be found in KTH's regulatory framework,