Eligibility and selection

Degree Programme in Medical Technology (TIMEL), Programme syllabus for studies starting in spring 2014

Last edit: 25/05/2016
Approved: 25/05/2016

For admission to the education, general entry requirements as well as specific entry requirements in Mathematics D, Physics B and Chemistry A are required. In each of the subjects at least the grade Passed or 3 is required.

Applicants to Bachelor of Science in Engineering programmes are selected both on the basis of their grades and based upon the results of an entrance test. Admission for two-thirds of the places is based on grades, and the remaining places are on the basis of an entrance test. If the merits of an applicant are unable to be assessed using this selection process, special testing may be performed.

For further information on eligibility and selection, see http://www.kth.se/studies/programmes/swedish-programmes/admissions-procedure-1.9578?l=en_UK