Last edit: 04/03/2010
Approved: 15/03/2010

In order to be eligible to the master’s programme, a higher education degree of at least 180 credits, degree of Bachelor of science and engineering, technical bachelor’s degree, or another corresponding technical degree or natural scientific degree in the first level must be completed. Other studies or work experiences are judged on the basis of the actual competencies which are referred to.

The criteria which are the foundation for the selection are based on the applicants’ grade averages from earlier studies (courses which are included/are thought to be included in the eligibility-giving degree). The applicants are divided into three groups based on these grade averages. The applicants are then accepted by group, starting with the highest ranking group. Within the lowest ranking group, the students are chosen with by drawing. (Random)

The reference to KTH’s admission policy can be found in the KTH Regulations.