Last edit: 09/03/2011
Approved: 11/03/2011

In order to be elegible for the Master’s programme, a relevant higher education degree comprising 180 higher education credits is required. In case the first level courses are not finished, an exemption to the normal rules may be made. See KTH’s admission ordnance, which can be found in KTH’s guidelines,

Required special qualifications: A) A technical Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Computer Science and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering   (or equivalent) including a basic course in Industrial Management, or B) the required specific qualification may be obtained with another corresponding technical degree. Furthermore, for all KTH’s programmes with English as the language of instruction, there is a special requirement of English B or corresponding knowledge.

Credit scores are based on the average grades obtained from previous academic studies. Candidates within Swedish Master Programs in Engineering (civilingenjörsprogram) are allowed 1 (one) additional point, which is added to the average grades.

Selection: the candidates are placed in two different groups based on their required special qualification (A or B). In group 1 candidates are admitted from matching required special qualifications of A). In group 2 candidates are admitted matching required special qualifications of B). Candidates will be admitted starting from the top of the credit score list within respective selection groups. Candidates within group 1 will be admitted first. Candidates from group 2 will then be admitted to the remaining places.

For more information, refer to KTH’s degree ordinance which can be found in KTH’s guidelines,