Last edit: 18/02/2021
Approved: 18/02/2021

In order to be elegible for the programme, a relevant higher education degree comprising 180 higher education credits is required. In case the first level courses are not finished, an exemption to the normal rules may be made. 

Required special qualifications: A technical Bachelor's degree with specialization in one of the fields: Mechanical Engineering, Design and Product Development, Information and Communication Technology, Computer Science and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering   (or equivalent). That means, a Bachelor's degree with a specialization in Industrial Management does not fulfill the special requirements. A basic course in Industrial Management is, however, required in order to fulfill the specific requirements.
Furthermore, for all KTH’s programmes with English as the language of instruction, there is a special requirement of English B or corresponding knowledge.

The selection process is based on the following selection criteria: University, previous studies (for instance GPA, grades in specific subjects and English), motivation for the studies (for instance letter of motivation, references, thesis proposal and relevant work experience). The evaluation scale is 1-75.

More information can be found in KTH’s guidelines,