Last edit: 21/02/2011
Approved: 11/03/2011

A graduate from the Integrated Product Design programme must:

Knowledge and understanding

  • show knowledge about the scientific foundation of and best practice in product development and mechanical engineering
  • have a good insight into current research and development work and be able to use research results within industrial design or integrated product design
  • have especially good knowledge about product development processes and usage of different methods and tools and be able to critically analyse the usage of them
  • have a good awareness about interactive attributes in technical products, and the interaction between technical systems, people and the surrounding environment
  • have good knowledge in methods in order to develop ecologically and economically sustainable products
  • have a good foundation in natural and technical science with a specialization in the second cycle within industrial design or integrated product development
  • describe different perspectives on innovation and be able to use different innovation concepts in these situations
  • be able to judge and analyse design aspects in relation to the company’s goals, markets and conditions and the users’ needs

Skills and abilities

  • show the ability to carry out an innovative and professional product development work
  • be able to handle fundamental tools for communication, visualisation and prototype development
  • be able to take responsibility for planning, organisation, and implementation of efficient product development project work and teamwork

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

  • show the ability to assess technology’s possibilities and limitations, its role in society and human responsibility for how it is used, including social and economical aspects and environmental and workplace environment aspects
  • show the initiative and the ability to innovate and take advantage of technology’s excellent possibilities to achieve a more human and sustainable society
  • have an especially good understanding for the implicit complexity of technical systems and that processes followed to develop them are often incompletely defined and contain contradicting requirements and desires
  • Show the ability to identify one’s need for further knowledge and continuously develop one’s own competence

KTH’s local degree ordinance can be found in KTH’s guidelines