Last edit: 09/06/2014
Approved: 09/06/2014

A graduate from the Integrated Product Design programme must:

Knowledge and understanding

  • demonstrate knowledge of scientific background and proven experience in the area of innovation and product development;
  • have good insight into current research and development work, and be able to use research results in industrial design, integrated product development or innovation;
  • develop a deep understanding of innovation and product development processes, be able to use different methods and tools and critically analyze their usefulness;
  • have good knowledge of the interactive features of technical products and the interaction between technical systems, financial systems, man and the surrounding environment;
  • have good knowledge of techniques to develop ecologically and economically sustainable products;
  • have a good foundation in the natural and engineering sciences, with specialization at an advanced level in either industrial design engineering, integrated product development or product innovation.
  • assess and analyze design aspects in relation to corporate objectives, market conditions and user needs;
  • have a basic knowledge of research methodology.

Skills and abilities

  • show the ability to carry out an innovative and professional product development work
  • be able to handle fundamental tools for communication, visualisation and prototype development
  • be able to take responsibility for planning, organisation, and implementation of efficient product development project work and teamwork

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

  • demonstrate the ability to assess the potential and limitations of technology with regard to relevant scientific, environmental, human, social, ethical and economic aspects;
  • demonstrate initiative and innovation to take advantage of exceptional opportunities for achieving a more humane and sustainable society;
  • have a good understanding of the inherent complexity of technical systems and an awareness that the process of developing them is often incompletely defined, with conflicting demands and desires;
  • develop an ability to identify the need for further knowledge and be able to continuously upgrade their skills.

KTH’s local degree ordinance can be found in KTH’s guidelines