Last edit: 10/11/2020
Approved: 10/11/2020

Based on the objectives specified in the Higher Education Ordinance, the overall objectives of the master’s program Sustainable Production Development are described below.

Knowledge and understanding

A graduate from the master’s programme shall:

•    Demonstrate knowledge and understanding within mechanical engineering and sustainable production development, its scientific base and proven experience within these areas.
•    Demonstrate broad knowledge within mechanical engineering and deeper knowledge of sustainable production development, focusing on production management, production logistics and industrial dependability. This includes general design and development, analysis, operation, and optimization of production systems.
•    Demonstrate insight into current research and development work within these areas.
•    Demonstrate in-depth knowledge within methodology in mechanical engineering and sustainable production development.

Skills and abilities

A graduate from the master’s programme shall:

•    Demonstrate the ability to critically, independently and creatively identify, formulate and manage complex issues with a holistic viewpoint.
•    Demonstrate the ability to plan and adequately implement qualified tasks within the given scope.
•    Demonstrate the skills required to participate in research and development work and thereby contribute to the development of knowledge, or to independently work in other qualified engineering activities and to evaluate this work.
•    Demonstrate the ability to critically and systematically integrate knowledge as well as demonstrate ability to analyse, assess and manage complex phenomena, issues and situations, even with limited information.
•    Demonstrate the ability to teamwork and collaborate in groups of different composition.
•    Demonstrate the ability, in both national and international contexts, to express and discuss in a clear and written manner conclusions and the knowledge and arguments that underlie them in dialogue with different groups.

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

A graduate from the master’s programme shall:

•    Demonstrate the ability to make assessments in the field of mechanical engineering and sustainable production development with regard to relevant scientific, social and ethical aspects as well as show awareness of ethical aspects in research and development.
•    Demonstrate insight into the possibilities and limitations in science, in general and more specifically in sustainable production development, its role in society and people's responsibility for how it is used, including social and economic aspects, and environmental and work environment aspects.
•    Demonstrate the ability to identify his/her need for additional knowledge and to take responsibility for his/her ongoing knowledge development.