Appendix 1: Course list

Master's Programme, Railway Engineering, 120 credits (TJVTM), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2018

General courses

Year 1

Conditionally elective courses

Supplementary information

Compulsory course studied online at UIUC the first year:

CEE409 Railway Track Engineering, 8 cr, Given Autumn 2018

Conditionally Elective courses studied online at UIUC the first year. *Among CEE408 and CEE472 at least one course has to be studied.

*CEE408 Railroad Transportation Engineering, 8 cr given Autmn 2018

*CE472 Stuctural Dynamics I, 8 cr given Autmn 2018

CEE410 Railway Signalling and Control, 7,5 cr given Spring 2019

Mandatory courses + conditionally elective courses = at least 44,5 cr.

Year 2

Supplementary information

Autumn semester year 2 is studied at UIUC (exchange semester).
Compulsory course

CEE412 High-Speed Rail Engineering, 7,5 hp

Conditionally elective courses. At least 22,5 cr has to be studied.
CEE408 Railway Transportation Engineering, 8 cr
CEE498 High-Speed Rail Planning, 7,5 cr
CEE509 Transportation Soils, 8 cr
CEE472 Structural Dynamics I, 7,5 cr
CEE491 Decision and Risk Analysis, 7,5 cr
CEE512 Logistics, 10 cr
CEE598 Railway Terminal Design and Operations, 10 cr
CEE491 Concrete Materials, 10 cr