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Approved: 04/03/2014

Information and communication technology is one of the strongest forces driving the changes of our society. The Internet, computers and communication technology has a global impact on society. Technology advancements is the basis for new products and business opportunities in mobile services, tele and data communication, medical technology, automotive industry, product development processes and computer gaming. ICT also opens for sustainable development. The program gives the student a solid basis for future employment and work within these areas but also for continued studies on Master level. After completion of the program students are qualified to seek admission to later parts of the Information technology and the Computer Science integrated B.Sc. and M.Sc. programs at KTH. 

Knowledge and understanding

The students should:

-          show that they have acquired knowledge and understanding of the area of Information and Communication Technology including knowledge on the scientific basis of the area, knowledge of appropriate methods within the area, and

-          acquire progressive knowledge within the area of their selected major and basic understanding of relevant research.

Skills and abilities

The students should:

- show ability to retrieve, gather, evaluate and interpret relevant information related to a problem and to discuss events, questions and events,
- independently indentify, isolate and solve problems and tasks within given time limits,
- show the ability to present and discuss information, problems and solutions orally and in writing to different groups, and
- show such skills necessary to independently work within the area of ICT

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

To be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Technology of Inormation and Communication Technology the student should:

-          show the ability that within the area of ICT make decisions based on relevant scientific, societal and ethical aspects

-          show insight to the role of knowledge and technology in society and the responsibility of the human for its usage, and

-          show the awareness of being able to recognize his/hers need to further enhance knowledge and competences

Further information on the requirements to be awarded a B.Sc. degree from KTH is found in